How to Find a Real Estate Agent

How to Find a Real Estate Agent

  • Stafford Family Realtors
  • 06/23/23

Minnetonka, Minnesota, is a large and beautiful community with a high quality of life, abundant green spaces, picturesque lakes, and numerous outdoor recreation opportunities. Living in Minnetonka means having access to top-notch schools, thriving local businesses, and a close-knit community that values involvement and connection. With easy access to the Twin Cities metro area, residents can enjoy all the cultural and entertainment options while enjoying the tranquility of suburban living.

Working with a real estate agent ensures that your home buying or selling experience is smooth and successful. Real estate professionals understand the local market and industry trends, enabling them to provide valuable insights and advice. Agents can help you navigate purchasing or selling a home and can handle negotiations on your behalf. Working with an agent can maximize your chances of finding the perfect property at the right price or successfully selling your home for the price it deserves.

Here are some top tips on how to find a real estate agent when you are ready to move forward on your real estate journey in Minnetonka.

Understanding the basics of real estate

Understanding the real estate market and following local trends can impact buyer and seller goals. Agents can provide valuable insights into inventory levels, average sales prices, and current market trends for buyers and sellers. With this information at hand, buyers can decide which properties to pursue and how much to offer, while sellers can price their homes competitively and attract qualified buyers.

Support from professionals dedicated to educating clients about the market is invaluable. However, buyers and sellers must understand the differences between real estate professionals to find one that meets their needs.

Real estate agent vs. broker

A real estate agent and a broker are licensed professionals who help buy or sell property. A broker is a step above a real estate agent in that brokers are required to complete additional education and certifications. A broker can work independently or create a brokerage by employing other agents.

Real estate agent vs. Realtor

A real estate agent and Realtor maintain the same level of education and licensing to represent buyers and sellers. A Realtor, however, holds an additional membership with the National Association of Realtors, which requires strict adherence to ethical real estate practices and standards.

Buyer’s agent vs. listing agent

A buyer’s agent specializes in buying property, primarily representing individuals purchasing real estate. A listing agent, also called a seller’s agent, is a real estate agent or broker representing individuals selling real estate. Many real estate professionals work with both buyers and sellers, while others may have a specialization. It is important to have personalized guidance throughout the process and not depend on the opposite party’s agent to represent your needs.

Questions to ask an agent

Real estate professionals have different experiences, qualifications, accolades, and services, making it critical to find an agent who can help you from start to finish. For example, you may want an agent with experience in interior design or staging services to help prepare your home for buyers.

You can get to know an agent better during an interview. Research local agents or ask for recommendations from your network to find top agents in your area. It is essential to prepare questions for agents to learn more about their portfolios and how they can support you.

How much experience do you have, and with what types of properties?

Consider how long they have worked as a real estate professional, what locations they have experience in, and whether they have experience with the type of home you want to buy or sell. Some agents specialize in specific properties, such as luxury homes or investment properties, while others may have a broader range of experience. For example, if you are selling a unique waterfront or golf course home, you want to work with an agent familiar with targeting buyers for this type of property. By selecting an agent whose experience aligns with your needs, you are more likely to have a successful and satisfying real estate experience.

Do you have a support staff?

A strong team with administrative, marketing, and communication skills can make all the difference in ensuring a smooth transaction. So, on your quest to find a real estate agent, seek out someone who is backed by support. Support staff can free the agent to focus on client needs and priorities. Make sure to ask about the resources and tools the agent utilizes to ensure you have the best team on your side.

What are your commission fees?

Most agents work on commission, meaning they receive a percentage of the property’s final sale price. Typically, the commission will be split between the buyer’s and seller’s agents and is paid by the seller. It is important to discuss commission rates and any other fees with your agent upfront to avoid any misunderstandings or unexpected costs.

Do you have client testimonials and references?

One way to evaluate an agent’s performance is by checking client testimonials and references. This can help you understand whether an agent has a history of providing high-quality service and achieving client results. Be sure to ask your potential agent for references and take the time to follow up and hear what their past clients have to say about their experience working together.

What you want in a buyer’s agent

Look for someone responsive and dedicated to helping you find the right property for your needs. It may take time, but having an agent who understands your lifestyle and is willing to put in the time to find creative housing solutions is worth the wait. You also want your buyer’s agent to have a developed network of contacts and resources to help you locate off-market opportunities or exclusive listings.

What you want in a seller’s agent

Having an agent with excellent marketing skills is essential for sellers. This includes posting your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and utilizing social media and other online platforms to reach potential buyers. A seller’s agent can help identify your home’s target audience and tailor marketing efforts accordingly. An agent should have experience creating compelling listing descriptions and engaging visual content to help your property stand out in a competitive market.

Find an expert real estate agent in Minnetonka

Stafford Family Realtors is an expert team of Minnetonka real estate agents who know how to get results every time. The highly ranked team focuses on client needs, market conditions, and refining communication for a streamlined experience and transaction. Reach out today to get started.

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