6 Hacks to Help you Deep Clean the Grimiest Spots in your Home

6 Hacks to Help you Deep Clean the Grimiest Spots in your Home

  • Stafford Family Realtors
  • 04/26/23

The sun is shining, the pollen is floating in the air, and we are ready for some deep spring cleaning! We have scoured the web and found some tried-and-true tips along with some new-to-us ideas to help kick start your house cleaning.


#1 Break Out the Drill on Your Bathtub

Cleaning a grungy tub can be back-breaking work. But here's a genius idea that'll save you time and sweat: Use your drill. Simply attach a scrubby (or a foam ball polishing attachment if you happen to have one) and use it to do the deep cleaning for you. Look in the automotive section for the attachment, which is made specially for tackling grime without scratching surfaces.


#2 Stop Opening the Windows When You Clean

Nothing feels better than letting old, stuffy winter air out through your windows and replacing it with a warm, spring breeze. What could be bett–achoo! If an allergy-proof home is your goal, keep your windows closed when you clean. If you must open them, try later in the day. Allergens are usually worse in the morning.


#3 Boil Your Range Filter

There's no need to scrub the grease and grime off your range filters. Use a bit of baking soda and your largest pot instead. Set the water to boil, slowly add one-half cup of baking soda, and submerge your filters for about five minutes. ** Bonus Tip: Make sure to dump the water somewhere safe. Grease in the drain is even worse than grimy filters.)


#4 Run Floor Vents Through the Dishwasher

When debating how to deeply clean your house, you can't go much deeper than tackling your floor and ceiling vents. Scrubbing only removes so much of all the accumulated dirt and dust from vents. If your vents are made of aluminum or steel, there's a shortcut to spic-and-span: Just run them through the dishwasher on a water-only cycle.


#5 A tried-and-true classic: Tie a Bag of Vinegar Around Your Showerhead

Mineral build-up on your showerhead can cause low water pressure and wonky water streams. Using a rubber band, attach a bag of vinegar to your showerhead, making sure all the holes are submerged in the vinegar, and soak it overnight.


#6 Sprinkle Your Mattress with Baking Soda

Your mattress needs a spring-cleaning refresh too. Use a kitchen strainer to sprinkle baking soda over the surface and let the mattress sit for an hour or longer. Longer is better. Then use your vacuum's upholstery attachment to suck up the odor-absorbing soda.

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